Newbie on platform

1. Registration

Three roles on the platform: inspector, client and factory Inspector: Choose the role and fill in all the information, we will audit after you submit Client: Choose the role and fill in all the information. After that, you could purchase the integral and start order. Factory: Choose the role and fill in all the information. You will receive a confirmed email before inspection.

2. Gain the free integral

After new client registers, we will gift 100 integral freely. If client introduce someone to use the platform, gift 100 integral again.

3. Purchase the integral

Client could purchase the integral by bank transfer, then upload the bank receipt. The integral will be sent to your account after audit.

4. Integral rule

1. USD equal as 1 integral

Helping center

1. Download sample reports
1) Factory Audit
2) During production inspection
3) Final random inspection
4) Full inspection
5) Container loading check
6) Inspection adding container loading check

2. How to use

Client order inspection → Make the payment → Inspector apply and perform the inspection → Upload the brief report and completed report → Feedback → Inspector receive the payment

3. Payment way:

Paypal, Integral, Alipay

4. FAQ

1) Booking:
Is it possible to give direct instructions to the Inspector?
Yes it is, you could leave a message or upload documents on the order page before or during the inspection, the inspector will focus his attention on during the Inspection.
Is it necessary to re-input the same factory's details at every booking?
No, it is not. If the factory is already in your factory database, you just need to click and select it from the list.
Is it possible to include several products in the same order?
Yes, if you have a running production of several products ready for Inspection on the same day in the same factory. To do so, inputting your order for the first product, then click the “+” button to add the products.
2) Order modification / cancellation
Is it possible to update an order after payment?
Yes it is, you could add the remarks on the order basic information page or upload document on the leave message page.
Can I cancel an order?
Yes, you can, but please contact the customer service or leave a message on the order page to cancel the inspection before the inspector set off. If not, travel fee is needed.
3) Payment / Pricing
How do you pay for an order?
You can pay the order via Paypal, Integral or Alipay after submit all the information. You will receive the confirm email after the inspector apply successfully.
How is the pricing calculated?
The price is free, but our suggested price is USD100 per order. If you give lower price but there are inspectors apply, it is ok.
4) Reports
How and when are reports available?
Once the order is completed, the brief report will be uploaded at the sample day. The completed report will be uploaded within 24 hours after inspection. In the meantime, you can go to your account, check your online Report and approve / reject your production.
How can I contact the inspector if we have questions about the report?
Please leave message on the order page on-line, the inspector will reply you. Or you could make a call, the information of the inspector show on the platform include the mobile phone number and email address. At the same time, our customer service will help you solve the problem.
How can I make a dispute if we are not satisfied with the report?
You could click the dispute button on the order page submit after fill in the reasons, our dispute team will communicate with two sides and solve the problem.
5) Others
How do approve / reject the production online?
You could leave message on the order page. Both you approve or reject the production, the supplier could see. If you reject the production, you will need to contact directly with your supplier to decide further actions to take, including possible re-Inspection.
Where to send reference samples?
You could send the approved sample to our office room and we will send to the inspector. Or you could leave an approved sample in the factory.
What types of products does Global Inspection inspect?
Global Inspection is expert in a wide range of product lines, from textile and garments to electronics, toys, automotive, houseware, building materials, lighting etc...

5. Contact the customer service

Email: /
Skype: jennifer48118
WeChat: redmore-02

6. Opinion and suggestion:

If you meet any questions on the inspection platform, or you have any opinion and suggestion, kindly please submit here. Everyday we listen to client’s sound, your support is the biggest power for us, the information you fill in will be kept secret.
Name: (Please leave your true name)
Mob: (Please leave the true number, it is easy for us to contact you and solve the problem)
Register name:
Question classification: (register, order, report, payment and others)

Cooperation and Join

1. Inspector could register on the platform, apply the inspection order after audit.

2. Inspection companies could also register on the platform, apply the inspection order after we audit and arrange suitable inspector. If there is large quantity orders per day or per month, we will give some discounts.

3. Factory could receive the inspection order information after the client finishes. Also put own product information on the sourcer service page. The client will contact if need or we will recommend the suitable suppliers.

About Global inspection platform

1. Who we are

1). Quality Control
Global inspection platform is the 3rd party transaction portal website, provide the quality control service for the brands, retailers and importers to secure and manage their global supply chain.
We perform factory audit, product Inspections and container loading check in Asia mainly. Clients from over 100 countries worldwide benefit from web-based mobile friendly account management, fast scheduling and free price.
2). Tracking Inspection On-line
You could see the map after submit the inspect order, where is you, the inspector and the factory location. The map will show when the inspector set off, how to reach the factory and when leave after inspection. Also we have an APP that could send the inspection condition anytime, you could communicate with the inspector directly during the inspection. The brief report will be uploaded once the inspection finished. Within 24 hours, you could see the completed report after audit by administrator.
3). Searching for the suitable suppliers
We touch large quantity of suppliers who provide different kinds of the products, if the clients want to purchase products, we could help the clients find suitable suppliers.

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